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Published : October 25, 2017, 11:25

தோனியிடம் மொக்கை வாங்கிய போலார்ட்-வீடியோ

பந்தை போடாமல் கையில் வைத்து வித்தை காட்டிய போலார்டை மொக்கை செய்த தோனி

Like most West Indian cricketers, Kieron Pollard too likely to have some fun on the field.

Bhuvi and Dhoni completed an easy single. At this time, the West Indian all-rounded decided to play around a bit.

Pollard picked up the ball and rolled it a little further in an attempt to challenge the Indian batsmen to run a second run.

While there was no reaction from the batting duo at first, they suddenly sprinted across for the second (with Dhoni running to the danger end) leaving Pollard totally embarrassed.

The bowler Bravo was visibly annoyed with his teammate, while the crowd thoroughly the quick thinking and execution on the Indian skipper's part.

However, this one time he took things to the next level during a match against India.

Unfortunately, Pollard decided to mess with the wrong person in MS Dhoni and was taught a lesson.

Dwayne Bravo's ball was played by Bhuvneshwar Kumar down to long-off where Pollard was fielding.

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