By: Oneindia Tamil Video Team
Published : October 26, 2017, 11:12

இப்படி ஒரு டிரைவரை பாத்துருக்கவே மாட்டீங்க-வீடியோ

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இப்படி ஒரு டிரைவரை பாத்துருக்கவே மாட்டீங்க-வீடியோ

Long vehicles tend to cut the corner when making sharp turns. To help not do that, the rear driver turns the wheels opposite to where the truck is going to keep the rear end wide, thus not cutting the corner. It's tricky though because they need to turn back at some point to not swing out too far. It's almost like they are drifting the fire truck but instead of tires losing traction, they are turning.

You should see how giant lifts carry over-sized pieces, you'll have 2 drivers working in tandem. While one pushes, the other puts himself on neutral and steers. Seriously reminded me of Pacific Rim a bit, you'd have 3-4 duos, some required a bit more chatter to get directions right, but some where so used to working together for years, they'd be silent the entire time, pushing a 150m long, 20m wide cylinder with less than a meter to spare on either side at a fairly good pace.

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