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Published : October 25, 2017, 11:06

பந்த போடாமல் விளையாட்டு காட்டிய போலார்ட்-வீடியோ

பந்த போடாமல் விளையாட்டு காட்டிய போலார்ட்.

Afridi vs Pollard Fans Comments:

Pollard, if it were an "aggressive batting" contest. Shahid Afridi = Better all-round pick.

Shahid Khan Afridi can be 29 for 10 years, KP #2 already looks like 30

any ways, its funny how Pollard getting so much hype after CT. couple of big 6s and he is already the hot. i bet half you guys never heard of him until CT

Afridi been playing this game for much longer then Pollard. He played test cricket and actually did well, he is a better bowler these days. Pollard hasn't done anything in ODI cricket in the 13 innings he played in, he is more reliable with the bat in 20/20s.

Afridi at this moment.

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