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தமிழகத்தில் இன்று

By Staff

ஜூலை 29, 2000


A bus or coach, as it is now being called stylishly, can be an ordinary, luxury,semi luxury, or air-contioned heavy vehicle which rolls with the help of dieseland six wheels having five gears with clutch and brake positioned at thedriver’s leg, with a round ring called steering being held by the driver firmly forturning, negotiating curves and giving sides, and in the normal course it has aseating capacity to accommodate around fifty medium-built passengers, besidesproviding spacious room for twenty five more passengers to stand comfortablywithout touching each other’s body, and it is a vehicle which is even now thepredominant mode of transportation in the under-developed and developedcountries, while the developed countries which discarded it once asinconvenient, are now realizing its merits, since small vehicles like carscontribute a lot to the environment pollution, besides creating traffic jam in thecities by forming serpentine queues, and it is a vehicle manned by twopersonnel, namely, one conductor and a driver who are empowered to offloadboth the excess baggage and smoking passengers alike, with a terrible soundinghorn which the drivers blare to rhyme with the latest film songs, especially inthe crowd city, and it is a vehicle used for transcending two long distance – beit a pilgrimage pleasure trip, excursion or diplomatic mission –which eventoday remains common man’s mode of speed, and some of its relatives doappear with double storey, though there is seldom a driver at the top, and it isoften the yardstick in the countries like India to judge the status of women withfifty percent seats reserved for them in letter, but the meek do not get even 20per cent, while machos occupy eighty per cent of the seats inspirit exhibitingmale-chauvinism, and it is also the beehive of pickpockets who relieve many anunwary passenger with his or her hard earned, valuable money while somecunning passengers do get off at their desitinations without taking ticketsdumping conductors in a slough of despondency, and in countries like Indiawhich have mixed economic policy, it is often the central axis around whichheated debates about nationalization and privatization revolve gaining themagnititudes of vituperative arguments at times, and almost every one of themcarries a proper name, besides phrases and words like point to point, superFast, Limited Stop, Express and ordinary which help people assess their speedand comfort, and it is also used as an effective medium in the city limits andrural areas for advertisement campaigns, besides, carrying such slogans whichwould inject the spirits of nationalism, family planning, environment protection,and it also sends out warnings such as ‘keep me off" while some in a lightervein proclaim ‘don’t kiss me’ and invariably all the passengers are advised torefrain from hanging out their hands and peeping through the windows, and italso creates an irrepressible and uncontrollable, irresistible and uncomfortableurge to vomit among some Indian villagers, though there is no word in Englishto describe this sickness, as such, probably because the English have this sickfeeling when they are airborne, and it is a vehicle which has two openings-oneused as entry and the other as exit-but generally enter through the exit door andexit through the entrance receiving compliments such as thanks while enteringand welcome during exit having inherent weakness for the female since it haltseven at the undesignated stops to pick up her, where as in the case of male notonly, that does not stop even at the designated stops, but it also get furtheraccelerated by the driver and may be that is one of the reasons why it is beingcalled by the feminine gender ‘she’ though this ‘she’ in almost every nation isbeing controlled and driven by the ‘he’ which gives us an added insight in tothe subtle yet deep psychology of male domination, and it is a vehicle in whichmale passengers would be advised by the conductor to move towards the rearon entering through the front door and move towards the front on enteringthrough the back door, and there is always confusion among these malepassengers as to whether the should remain in the front or back leaving themwith the only safe choice and option of remaining in the middle, but quiteunfortunately, not that every one can remain in the centre, and it is a vehiclewhich puts the conductor’s conduct severe test, since he has deal withgentlemen and pickpockets, bureaucrats and slum-dwellers, teetotalers anddrunkards, though many countries don’t give rewards and incentives for thoseconductors who excel in their conduct, and it is a vehicle in which able-bodiedpersons and youngsters sit pretty while the disabled and senior citizens dotravel by standing without even a word of protest, and it is a vehicle which alsohas no sense of direction, since it comes from east, when the people want to goto the west, and when they want to go to west, it does from come from the eastan it is a vehicle which does prove the laissez faire theory wrong, since theweakest of all continues to exist while the fittest perishes when racing ahead ofits competitors, and it is a vehicle which first made in roads into the humanitiesintegrating different cultures, people and languages narrowing down thegeographical distance, swiftly and it is a vehicle which in the course of timerendered the bullock-carts and horse carriages obsolete burying the ego ofaristocrats and other privileged classes in the society, and it is a vehicle whichelucidates the human beings that they cannot have the best of both the worlds,since life is full of compromises, adjustments, tolerance, and respect for eachother’s feelings irrespective of their caste, co lour, creed or religion, since it isan umbrella which is free from such tendentious feelings and gives shade andconvenience to all those who come inside it carrying them to the infinity called‘time’ and it is a vehicle which does not have opportunism of the neo-rich aeroplane which once takes off from the land forgets everything about it indulgingin the pleasure of flying which, of course, is fickle like a serpent’s tongue, sinceit has to land back some time or the other, and it does not have the vanity ofluxury cars nor the flamboyance of the immature youngster’s two wheeler, yetto knows about how to respect a superior like industrious train, since it halts atthe level-crossings to give way to this elder, and it is a sagacious vehicle whichknows its values, merits, virtues, strengths weaknesses which place it in themost enviable position of ever increasing and never falling popularity, and it isa vehicle which if met with an accident can cause fatal injury to all, yet it is theone which everyone depends on for going to schools, offices, markets, cities,and villages with the best hope that they will reach their destination the waythey started!

திருமணம் ஆகாதவரா? இன்றே பதிவு செய்யுங்கள் தமிழ் மேட்ரிமோனியில் பதிவு இலவசம்!

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